Emblems and History of Kecoughtan Lodge 463
This site is dedicated to providing an online reference of all emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge 463, Boy Scouts of America, during their 45 years of providing cheerful service. The site also includes emblems from Chanco Lodge 483 and Wahunsenakah Lodge 333, as well as emblems from Peninsula, Old Dominion Area, and Colonial Virginia Councils, the camps that served them, plus Area III-C, and Sections SE-1, SE-8, SR-7 and SR-7A.

Additionally, I am working to chronicle the Lodge history, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the Arrowmen that helped Kecoughtan serve Peninsula Council and the Hampton Roads community for 45 years. Your help in making this web site as complete and informative as possible is encouraged and sincerely appreciated. As a constant work in progress, this site is continuously updated with new information. Check the Site News Blog to learn about the latest updates, including the Kecoughtan Kryer online archive.

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About Kecoughtan Lodge Kecoughtan Lodge (pronounced "KICK-oh-tan") was originally chartered in 1951 under Peninsula Council, which was headquartered in Newport News, Virginia. In 1992 Peninsula Council merged with the adjacent Old Dominion Area Council to form Colonial Virginia Council. The Order of the Arrow Lodges of the former councils remained independent until January 1, 1996 when Kecoughtan 463 and Chanco 483 merged to form a new Lodge, Wahunsenakah 333.
About the Order of the Arrow The Order of the Arrow, founded in 1915, is Scouting's Honor Society, intended to recognize those scouts who best exemplify the scout virtues of cheerful service, camping, and leadership. The National Boy Scout web site summarizes the OA in this Fact Sheet. The history of the Order of the Arrow is a fascinating story summarized on the National OA web site..
Origin of the Lodge Name The name of the Lodge was derived from the name of the local Indian tribe that greeted English settlers to the New World in 1610. The immigrants arrived on three ships - the Discovery, the Susan Constant, and the Godspeed. Many Kecoughtan Lodge emblems picture these ships, including the original neckerchief patch, the Lodge jacket patch, and later issues of Lodge flaps. The Kecoughtan Indians were members of the Powhatan Confederacy which dominated southeast Virginia in the early 1800's.

From The Guide to Hampton Roads - Historic Hampton:

    A little more than a year before Hampton (originally called Kecoughtan) was settled, the first English Christmas in the New World was celebrated here. In December 1608 a starving band of Jamestown settlers under the command of Captain John Smith arrived seeking food. Welcomed by the friendly Kecoughtan Indians, the desperate colonists were fed and sheltered. It was during this time that the thankful settlers observed a belated, yet truly joyful, Christmas. One of the Englishmen who accompanied Smith wrote this account of the Indians' reception: "...the extreme wind, rain, frost and snow caused us to keep Christmas amongst the savages, where we were never more merry, nor fed on more plenty of good oysters, fish, fowl, and good bread; nor never had better fires in England than in the dry warm smoky houses of Kecoughtan."

These web sites provide further background for the name "Kecoughtan:"

Kecoughtan Lodge's chapters (Kiskiack, Mattaponi, Pamunkey, and Piankatank) as well as the Council Camp (Chickahominy) were named for other Indian tribes which were also members of the Powhatan Confederacy and indigenous to the local region.

These web sites provide more information about the history of Indians in Virginia:.

My Link to Kecoughtan Lodge I was a member of Kecoughtan Lodge in my youth, earning Brotherhood status and serving as a Lodge officer and editor of the Lodge newsletter, the Kecoughtan Kryer. I am also a graduate of Kecoughtan High School, whose team mascot is the Warriors.
How You Can Help As you can see from the emblem reference listings, I am missing scans of many items and would deeply appreciate assistance in making them available here. If you have an item which does not have a corresponding scan available here and are willing to either: 1) allow me to borrow it to scan it, 2) trade or sell it to me to add to my collection, or 3) scan it and send me a copy of the scan, please contact me via email: . All those who assist will be properly credited for their kind and thoughtful help in making this web site the definitive online reference for Kecoughtan Lodge 463 emblem history.

I am sure there are still many items which I am not aware of, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you know of an item not listed on this site or that I need a picture of.

Additionally, I am in search of documents to chronicle the history of Kecoughtan Lodge, from its founding in 1951 to its merger with Chanco 483 on January 1, 1996. Anything you might be able to share would be appreciated - old Lodge newsletters. Executive Committee meeting minutes, Lodge Directories, press releases, fact sheets, etc. Send me an email () or use the feedback form and let me know what you can share.

Site Dedication I am deeply indebted to the late Dr. Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA for his authoritative compilation of Order of the Arrow Lodge issues for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Without this list and his permission to use it this site could not exist. The site is dedicated to Dr. Godby and the late E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan 463 whose dedication to cheerful service was exceeded by no one. I urge you to visit the Site Dedication Page for more details about the significant contributions these men made to Kecoughtan Lodge and Peninsula Council.
References Most Order of the Arrow emblems on this site are listed by their assigned issue number according to two reference sources:

1. Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, Sixth Edition, 2006 (entries for Lodge 463 originally compiled by the late Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA, updated for the Second Edition by Jeff Godby). These are listed in the column entitled "BB06."

Many items such as Kecoughtan Lodge hatpins are organized based upon reference lists compiled by Dr. Ron Godby which are not publicly published and are used with his permission.

Council shoulder patch issues are cataloged according to "An Aid to Collecting Council Shoulder Patches with Valuation Guide (1998)" by Franck, Hook, Ellis, and Jones.

Details About This Site Most emblems pictured at this site were scanned using a G3 Power Macintosh and an Apple Color OneScanner 600/27 using Apple OneScanner Dispatcher software. The images were then optimized for sharpness, brightness, and contrast for the web and watermarked with Digimarc digital watermarks using Adobe PhotoShop and ImageReady software.
Future Plans Future plans include putting all information and images into a database driven web site to include expanded information and accept feedback and discussions. This site may also relocate to another server which supports expanded services and has additional drive space. If so, the new URL will be posted to Patch-L and a notice with a link to the new site will remain here.
Recommended Related Links John Pannell's Internet Guide to OA Insignia - check here for images of Kecoughtan emblems that I don't have scans for yet. There are also tens of thousands of images from other lodges.

International Scouting Collectors Association (ISCA) - a non-profit organization that promotes education regarding the history of the Scouting Movement through the collecting and trading of Scouting Memorabilia. All members subscribe to a Code of Ethics to ensure fair trading amongst its members. (My ISCA member number is 548).

Kevin Doyle and Steve Narolski's First CSP's site. View the original issues of each Council's shoulder patch. See also their First Flaps site with scans of each OA Lodge's first flap patch.

Patch-L Listserver. Receive daily news via email about the world of Scout patch collecting. Invaluable. See the web site for directions on how to subscribe.

John Pannell's Blue Book-Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog page. Where you can download the complete data from the latest edition of the Blue Book and manipulate it with whatever software on whatever kind of computer you please. Note that the Blue Book was composed on a Macintosh.


This web site is dedicated to the memory of E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Kecoughtan Lodge Advisor, and Dr. Ron Godby, former 463 Arrowman and co-author of the most comprehensive reference on Lodge 463 emblem issues.

The Kecoughtan Lodge 463 Emblems web site was created by Glenn Chase on an Apple Macintosh with absolutely zero Microsoft products. All images presented are protected with a digital watermark, and are the exclusive property of Glenn Chase, all rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. No commercial usage of these images is allowed without prior consent. Please send corrections/additions/suggestions to .

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