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Kecoughtan Lodge 463 issued approximately 100 emblems for activities during their forty four years of existence. You can view these by decades using the links below.
Activity emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge from 1950-1969
Activity emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge from 1970-1979
Activity emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge from 1980-1989
Activity emblems issued by Kecoughtan Lodge from 1990-1995
Have? - is the patch in my collection?
BDR - emblem border color
E - edge type (usually Rolled or Cut)
BKG - emblem background color
FDL - fleur de-lis
NOAC - National Order of the Arrow Conference

This web site is dedicated to the memory of E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Kecoughtan Lodge Advisor, and Dr. Ron Godby, former 463 Arrowman and co-author of the most comprehensive reference on Lodge 463 emblem issues.

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