1972 Area III-C Pow Wow Pictures

photographer unknown
1972-Lodge 463 Host
01-tradingpost 02-tradingpost 03-meeting 04-dininghall 05-meeting
01-tradingpost.jpg 02-tradingpost.jpg 03-meeting.jpg 04-dininghall.jpg 05-meeting.jpg
06-meeting 07-meeting 08-hangingsign 09-ceremonialteam 10-area3c-nsl
06-meeting.jpg 07-meeting.jpg 08-hangingsign.jpg 09-ceremonialtea... 10-area3c-nsl.jpg
11-hangingsign 12-presentation 13-speaker
11-hangingsign.jpg 12-presentation.jpg 13-speaker.jpg

Information about these pictures provided by Alan Spaulding and Sam Fairchild
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