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11/99 through 12/99
The Kecoughtan Lodge Emblems Site News below has been archived on this separate page to keep the current Site News page smaller and faster to load.

Site News on this page spans the duration of November 2 through December 9, 1999.

Also available are these pages of archived site news:

Site News:
9 December 99
Bruce Johnson sent me a huge set of images for the Section SE-1 page which I simply have not had the time to get on the web site. Look for these to appear soon once I can get a little time!
Site News:
5 December 99
Arvid Englund of Tutelo 161 contributed several scans which are now available for your perusal, including the 1977 SE-1 Conclave (hosted by Blue Heron Lodge), a new scan of the 1964 Area III-C Pow Wow (the previous image was of a patch in rather used condition), a new 1970 Area III-C Training Conference image (the previous patch had a minor threadbreak) and a scan of the 1970 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Chanco. Thanks Arvid!

As promised, I've reduced the size of this Site News page by archiving items which are older than the current month and the month immediately preceding to another page. You can view the archived content here. Hopefully this will make keeping up with the site a lot easier since you won't have to wait for a large page to load.

Site News:
3 December 99
Bruce Johnson of Nentico 12 provided me with a wealth of information about Section SE-1 Conclave issues, including the sites of the conclaves, and has promised to send along scans of several items which I am missing.
Site News:
27 November 99
Continuing with the items sent by Alex Tyms, several issues from the 1987 SE-8 Conclave hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge are now available for your viewing pleasure, including the jacket patch, neckerchief, and pins issued for this event. Also from Alex, a 1986 Camp Chickahominy Staff patch.
Site News:
26 November 99
Alex Tyms, former Kecoughtan Lodge and Section SE-8 Chief sent me a big package of stuff to scan, including several 463 activity issues. Now online are images for the 1978 Winter Ordeal and 1984 Fall Ordeal, plus a picture of the rare Kiskiack Chapter pocket arrowhead patch.
Site News:
25 November 99
Once again with the kind assistance of Sam Fairchild and Herb Smith, I have completed a page devoted to listing all Kecoughtan Lodge Lay Advisors and it is now online for your reference. This page is linked from the Lodge History page.

I still need scanned images of the following patches to complete the Area III-C and Section SE-1 listings:

  • 1953 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Blue Heron 349
  • 1954 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Shenshawpotoo 276
  • 1956 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Amangamek Wipit 470
  • 1957 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Powhatan 456
  • 1959 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Nawakwa 3
  • 1960 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Koo Koo Ku Hoo 161
  • 1967 Area III-C Pow Wow hosted by Shenandoah 258
  • 1974 SE-1 Conclave hosted by Chanco 483
  • 1977 SE-1 Conclave hosted by Blue Heron 349

Please let me know if you can help by contributing scans of these items or letting me borrow them -- I will gladly pay all postage and insurance if you do not have access to a scanner.

Site News:
24 November 99
Added image for Section SE-1 1977 Indian Seminar hosted by Tutelo 161. Added NetMind powered option for free notification by email when this Site News page changes.
Site News:
20 November 99
With kind assistance from Alex Tyms, Sam Fairchild (who loaned me his copy of Silver Acorns) and Herb Smith, I have completed the page devoted to listing all Kecoughtan Lodge Chiefs and it is now online for your reference.

I have also added a section to this page listing Kecoughtan Lodge Arrowmen who served as Area or Section officers. Since my information for the later years of the Lodge is scanty, I may have missed someone. If you are aware of any discrepancies in the list, please let me know so that I can make additions or corrections. Most of the information for this section came from the excellent Virginia Section Officers Association web site, authored by Mike White of Shenandoah 258 and Scott Smith of Tutelo 161 -both former Chiefs of Section SR-6B.

The Kecoughtan Lodge Chiefs page is linked from the Lodge History page. I have also added a link on this page to a photograph of a Kecoughtan Lodge 463 ceremony which I believe was taken in 1971 or 1972 at Camp Chickahominy. I'm sorry that I can't credit the author or provide more details about the photograph - I found it in the box of supplies given to me when I took over editing the Lodge newsletter.

My current "to do" list includes the following:

  • Compile a list of all Kecoughtan Lodge Advisors with their years of Service
  • Filling in all missing Area III-C and Section SE-1 Pow Wow and Conclave images
  • Create a page to vote for your favorite Kecoughtan Lodge flap, chenille, arrowhead, etc.

I am also in the process of trying to contact former officers of the Lodge, especially chiefs and newsletter editors, in the hope of obtaining more historical information to make available online.

Site News:
14 November 99
After posting a message to the Patch-L mailing list inviting visitors to this site (and of course, a polite request for assistance filling in missing patch images!) I received many kind emails and words of encouragement from fellow Arrowmen. I certainly appreciate the praise and am pleased to know that the information I am providing is enjoyed and helpful. As a result of the Patch-L post the cumulative visitor count surpassed 400.

Jimmy Arthurs came through with six Chanco flap scans (s3a, s5, s7, s8b, s10b, and s11) to add to the site. You can find them all on the Chanco Emblems page. Jimmy previously contributed several other images to this site, including the very hard to find Kecoughtan 463 s11 and s12 Vigil issues.

Still "on deck" as projects to be completed here:

  • A chart of all Kecoughtan Lodge Chiefs from the inception of the Lodge until it merged in 1996. (I would prefer to list all 463 Officers, but I'll be happy to start with Chiefs!). I still need information about who served as 463 Chief for these years: 1978-1983 and 1990-1995. If you can help fill in the blanks, please send me an email or you can submit your information via the new feedback form.
  • Voting for your favorite Kecoughtan Lodge flap, arrowhead, chenille, and activity patch polls.
Site News:
11 November 99
One of the most frequent suggestions I have received for this site is the addition of a Guest Book where former Kecoughtan Lodge Members can sign in and hopefully contact old friends from their days as Lodge 463 Arrowmen together.

I spent a lot of time looking at the many different options for free Guest Book services. Many collect email addresses to spam the people who sign them, others insist upon opening multiple new windows with banner ads in your face obstructing the book you are trying to read or sign, or in many cases I encountered, just don't work reliably.

I believe I have found a good service ( which inserts a single banner ad at the top of the page, promises not to collect email addresses, appears to function quickly and reliably, and even allows me to use HTML to format the Guest Book Form to customize its appearance to match the rest of this site. If you don't like the ad you can chip in 5 pounds sterling a month to get rid of them ... is located in Great Britain.

So, here's your open invitation to take the new Kecoughtan Lodge 463 Alumni Guest Book for a test drive. Please let me know what you think of it!

Site News:
8 November 99
The Peninsula and Old Dominion Council Camps page is online and waiting for your visit. As mentioned in prior news, Sam Fairchild has provided me with a capsule history of Scout camps which served Peninsula and Old Dominion Councils, and loaned me several priceless emblems to scan so that I could make them available for you to view here. For those like me who knew nothing of Camps Okee, Washington, and James River that preceded Camp Chickahominy, this is enlightening information.

I also received a scan to complete the collection of SE-8 conclave issues from Mike White, the 1982 Indian Seminar patch from this event hosted by Tutelo 161.

I added scans of some miscellaneous patches I had for Peninsula Council to that page, including images for the Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg Trails, the 50th Anniv. Council patch, and a couple of other unique items.

Site News:
5 November 99
The new Wahunsenakah Lodge Activity Issues page is now online, featuring images of every activity patch from Lodge 333 released to date except one (the most recent Fall Fellowship) and that's coming soon! Thanks again to Herb Smith, Lodge Advisor for Wahunsenekah Lodge, for sharing these to make this page possible.

My weekend project is to get the Council Camps page ready with the fascinating historical information provided to me by Sam Fairchild about Camp Chickahominy's predecessors, Camp Okee, Camp Washington, and Camp James River, along with scans of patches from those camps. Sam also included information about Camp Waters, Old Dominion Area Council's camp prior to Siouan Scout Reservation.

Site News:
4 November 99
Herb Smith, Lodge Advisor for Wahunsenekah Lodge, filled my email box to overflowing today with images of 22 Kecoughtan Lodge activity patches I needed from the 80's and 90's, as well as several missing SE-8 and SR-7 items. I am in the process of getting them uploaded to the web site and linked on the relevant pages. Herb also sent along 16 Wahunsenakah 333 activity patch scans and I am eager to put together a page to list them.

I also received scans for several SE-8 items from Mike White, Shenandoah 258 Arrowman and former Chief of Section SR-6B. Among the items he sent images of is the SE-8 10th Anniv. jacket patch which I have never seen before.

Former Kecoughtan Lodge and Section SE-8 Chief Alex Tyms helped out by providing a list of 463 Chiefs from 1984 through 1989. I am trying to compile a list of all 463 Chiefs from the beginning of the Lodge through the end. Silver Acorns lists a Roll Call of Chiefs from 1951 through 1977, so I still need information about who served in this capacity for these years: 1978-1983 and 1990-1995. If you can help fill in the blanks, please send me an email or you can submit your information via the new feedback form.

Site News:
2 November 99
Herb Smith, Lodge Advisor for Wahunsenekah Lodge, kindly forwarded a scan of the often-discussed but rarely seen Lodge 333 Honor Flap which is now online here, as well as an Adobe Acrobat formatted document listing the requirements for earning it. It's a beautiful patch!

Herb also sent along a picture of E. Bailey Tudder, former Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan Lodge from 1967-1974 for the site Dedication page.

I'm proud to say that thanks to the generous contributions of several people (documented on the credits page and here on the site news page) I now have scanned images of all Kecoughtan chenille, round, and arrowhead issues, with only a few missing X (other shaped) emblems and a couple of flap variations (S1b and S30a). I am missing many 463 activity patch scans and three chapter issues, however, and encourage you to help out wherever you can with images you can provide.

thanks to ...
This site could not exist without the vast amount of work already done by others in compiling information about the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and its emblems.

I am deeply indebted to the late Dr. Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA for his authoritative compilation of Order of the Arrow Lodge issues for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Godby's research was the basis for the Kecoughtan Lodge 463 listings in the first edition of the Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, published in 1996. This site is dedicated to Dr. Godby and the late E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan 463 whose dedication to cheerful service was exceeded by no one.

On the Site Credits page I have tried to list the names of people who have been instrumental in helping me in my effort to provide an online reference of the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and every emblem that it issued. If you helped out and aren't mentioned, please forgive my accidental omission and tell me so that I can correct it.

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