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Site News:
13 May 2005
Get a peek at the new Colonial Virginia Council Camp in 23 pictures provided by Tim Ewing. First official event for the Camp is projected to be in the Fall of 2005. The permanent name of the Camp has not yet been determined.
Site News:
10 May 2005
Coming soon - my PDF versions of the Kecoughtan Kryer!
Site News:
8 May 2005
Added new items to the SR7-A page from the recently held Conclave, including pictures of the cool retro-look felt pocket patch, backpatch, and Vigil rededication. Thanks to Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing for the great pictures!
Site News:
7 May 2005
Added picture of the new pocket flap from 333 for the SR-7A conclave, and new limited edition fundraised CSP "Loyal" to the Colonial Virginia Council emblems page.
Site News:
12 December 2004
Added a PDF version of the August 1976 edition of the Kecoughtan Kryer to the Kryer page. Also added PDF versions of the Kecoughtan Lodge new member form and the 25th Anniversary Celebration program to the Lodge History page.

Scripts documenting the history of the Lodge which were compiled for the Historical Trail event at the Lodge's 25th Anniversary Celebration are now available in both scanned (PDF) and text formats linked from the Lodge History page.

Thanks to George Bains for entrusting me with his documents to scan and share on this site!

Two unique items added to the Area III-C page, thanks to Pete James of Amangamek Wipit: Wood parking passes from the 1962 and 1965 Area III-C Pow Wows. Sam Fairchild recalls that "Ray Garrabrant was the instigator of parking permits at Rock Enon in '62. There are two different ones for '62 - different colors as I remember, as well as one for 1963 at Powahtan, '64 at M onocan and '65 at Wilson."

Pete also sent along a picture of the Vigil rededication piece from the 1977 SE-1 Conclave.
Site News:
11 December 2004
Added pictures of the 2004 Fall Fellowship and 2004 Holiday Banquet patches to the Lodge 333 Activity Emblems page. Thanks to Tim Ewing and Larry Johnson for keeping me up to date!
Site News:
12 September 2004
New Camp Chickahominy 2004 patch added to the Council Camps - Colonial Virginia Council page. This will be the last regular issue summer camp patch since Camp Chickahominy has been sold by Colonial Virginia Council and will close at the end of the year. Thanks to Larry Johnson for the image.
Site News:
11 September 2004
Added a picture of the Lodge 333 Vigil Medallion commemorating the last year of Camp Chickahominy issued at the 2004 Summer Ordeal as well as a patch from that Lodge event. Thanks to Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing for the great pictures.
Site News:
22 August 2004
Added a scanned copy of the Kecoughtan Kryer to the site - hopefully the first of many to come. The scanned copy of the February, 1972 Kryer was generously provided by Thomas Lovell. See the new web page devoted to the Kryer, including former mastheads, links to editions available online, and more. If you have previous issues please consider sharing them for inclusion on this site!
Site News:
24 July 2004
Wahunsenakah Lodge 2004 NOAC Delegate flap added to the Lodge 333 Emblems page. This flap has been selling for close to 100.00 when paired with the trader on eBay! Also added a scan of the new Colonial Virginia CSP dedicated to the last year of Camp Chickahominy. Thanks to Rob Kutz for helping me get one of these.
Site News:
26 May 2004
Three Chickahominy event patches from 2000 added to the Colonial Virginia Council Camps page - images courtesy Larry Johnson.
Site News:
25 May 2004
Wahunsenakah Lodge 2004 NOAC Trader flap added to the Lodge 333 Emblems page. Delegate version will have gold border. Thanks to Tim Ewing for the photo!
Site News:
23 May 2004
Several items added to the site after receiving pictures from Tim Ewing of Lodge 333. Tim provided a great picture of the Lodge 333 2004 Spring Ordeal patch (now available along with pictures of every other Wahunsenakah event on the Lodge 333 activities page). Also, a picture of the new Colonial Virginia Council "Friends of Scouting" CSP featuring the theme "Trustworthy" has been added to the Colonial Virginia Council emblems page.
Site News:
22 May 2004
Added picture of a Chanco hat pin modeled after the 35th anniversary flap - thanks to Larry Johnson for sending me the photo. Also, a picture of an old 1963 Camp Okee staff neckerchief and a Camp Chickahominy mug from 1979 were added.
Site News:
15 May 2004
Added pictures of the Section SR-7A issues from the recent 2004 Conclave to the SR-7A emblems page. Thanks to Larry Johnson for the great scans and to Tim Ewing for the information about which lodges will host SR-7A conclaves from 2005 through 2010. Added Wahunsenakah Lodge 2004 Conclave flap picture to the Lodge 333 emblems page.
Site News:
23 August 2003
Larry Johnson sent along a great picture of the Arrowhead patch from the Wahunsenakah Lodge summer ordeal held this past weekend. You can find it on the Lodge 333 Activity Emblems page.
Site News:
21 August 2003
Larry Johnson kindly sent along pictures of the 2003 SR-7A Conclave flaps issued by each of the Lodges in the section, and I will add them soon to the SR-7 page. Conclave flaps issued by the host lodge are already available on the Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 Emblems page.
Site News:
20 August 2003
Added pictures of many rare Old Dominion Area Council activity shoulder strips, courtesy of Larry Johnson who still needs the SA-5, so if you can help him out let me know!
Site News:
1 August 2003
Many new pictures added thanks to the generosity of Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing who sent lots of great digital images to me, including a 2003 Camp Chickahominy patch which includes a full circle of segments, Lodge 333 2003 Conclave flaps (staff and trader), Section SR-7A 2003 Conclave patch, backpatch, and neckerchief, and Wahunsenakah 2003 Spring Ordeal patch to the Lodge 333 Activities page.
Site News:
31 July 2003
Added SE-8 1991 Conclave Vigil Rededication patch picture to the SE-8 Emblems page.
Site News:
8 March 2003
So far I have been able to add very good pictures provided by Larry Johnson of the Lodge 333 s2 flap variations (front and back), as well as updating the Lodge 333 Activities page with a picture of the patch created by the 5 segments (one from each Lodge activity in 2002), as well as adding the new 2003 Winter Ordeal patch (it's a beauty!).

Larry also provided me with many Camp Chickahominy patch pictures, look for them to appear very soon on the site.
Site News:
7 March 2003
It has been way too long since I have had a chance to add information and new pictures to this site! Several kind friends have sent me new content to add and have been more than patient in waiting for it to appear, most notably Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing of Wahunsenakah Lodge. Tonight I am working on getting their pictures ready to post to this site.
Site News:
26 October 2002
Herb Smith, Advisor for Lodge 333 sent me scans of the front and back of the Kecoughtan Lodge 463 Life Membership card. You can see them linked from the Lodge 463-Other page.

Also added are some pictures I have had for a little while but no time to upoad: Chanco Lodge J1 and J2b images are now available on the Chanco Lodge emblems page.

This is the first chance I have had in some time to update this site, but you can be certain that it is still an important resource that I remain very devoted to. If you might have information or images of relevant items please let me know!
Site News:
25 September 2002
Larry Johnson of Wahunsenakah Lodge provided me with a scan of their 2002 Summer Ordeal patch, which is now available for viewing from the Lodge 333 Activity Issues page.
Site News:
12 June 2002
Dave Scocca of Nentico 12 kindly sent me excellent images of the Vigil Rededication tokens from the 1975 and 1976 SE-1 Conclaves. Both are now included on the SE-1 Emblems page here.
Site News:
11 June 2002
Added two Chanco Lodge 483 activity patches to the Lodge 483 Emblems page (1992 Spring Fellowship and 1992 Christmas Banquet).
Site News:
2 June 2002
Saw an SE-8 bolo tie on ebay which I never knew existed. You can find a picture of it on the SE-8 page here.

I am contemplating building a site devoted to Virginia OA emblems and history. Needless to say this would require a LOT of assistance from fellow collectors of these items. Given the poor response I got from my plea to many collectors for pictures of recently sold VA OA items on ebay I am not really encouraged that there will be enough support to attempt this.
Site News:
31 May 2002
You can now access this site by using the newly registered domain name! In fact, I prefer that you bookmark that URL instead of any other since if the site moves from its current server you won't be able to find it without using I've not been very pleased with Road Runner's recent decision to discontinue their discount for allowing them to auto-debit my bank account for their monthly fees (effectively raising my internet access by 60.00 a year) so I am looking at alternatives which may require this site to relocate.
Site News:
30 May 2002
Just a few additions to note this evening - a Camp Okee patch which appears to be circa 1957 or so (it has a strong similarity to the 1957 Kecoughtan Lodge Fellowship activity patch which was to be held at Camp Okee before it was cancelled) added to the Peninsula Council Camps page. Also new on the site is a picture of the SE-1 bolo tie on the SE-1 page.

Recently many conclave sets from SE-1 and SE-8 were sold on eBay, and most went to winning bidders other than me! I would be eternally grateful if the future owners of these sets could help make my site more accurate and complete by providing digital pictures of the contents of these sets. Most included items such as Vigil rededication totems, participation cards, and other items besides the standard pocket patch, and pictures of such items would be an invaluable addition to this site. I promise that your contributions will be appreciated by many for years to come and your name will be included on the credits page of this site to recognise your generous efforts to help document the history and emblems of Virginia OA.
Site News:
18 May 2002
Larry Johnson and Tim Ewing of Wahunsenakah Lodge have been sending me new items to add the site so fast I've not been able to keep up. Larry sent along pictures of the new Lodge 333 lanyard and belt, while Tim provided pictures of their handsome new mug, t-shirt, and cap. I could spend a lot in their trading post! Check all of these out on the Lodge 333 page.

Tim also provided pictures of some items that I never even knew existed - a Peninsula Council jacket type patch which Tim says was given to financial donors, and a series of Kecoughtan position chevrons which Tim says were designed to fit over the neckerchief patch or the jacket patch. Both of these have been added to this site - the Peninsula donor patch is on the Peninsula Council page and the chevrons are included on the Kecoughtan "other" emblems page.
Site News:
28 April 2002
Andy Hess, former Lodge Chief of Kecoughtan from 1973-1974, provided an excellent scan of the 1969 Winter Ordeal which has been added to the Lodge 463 Activities Page - 1950s-60's. The addition of this page completes all of the activity patch from these decades.

Tim Ewing helped me fill in pictures for all of the 1980's Lodge 463 activity patches - I am still missing a couple from the 70's and a couple from the 90's, so check your collection and see if you can help out!
Site News:
27 April 2002
Be sure to check out Steve Collins' excellent web site devoted to the emblems of Blue Ridge Mountains Council and Tutelo Lodge, as well as the Councils and Lodges which merged to form these organizations. Lots of great info and pictures to help preserve the heritage of the Order of the Arrow in Virginia.
Site News:
22 April 2002
Thanks to Tim Ewing for supplying images of the two Chanco flap patches I had no pictures for. You can now find pictures of the 483s8a and 483s10c along with all of the other Chanco flaps on the Chanco Emblems page.
Site News:
21 April 2002
I would like to add a new page to this site devoted to Kecoughtan Honor Member patches which were originally proposed by Tim Ewing, designed by Sam Fairchild, and issued from 1979 to 1990 to Lodge 463 Arrowmen who met a specific set of qualifications.

I would especially like to include a list of all of the Kecoughtan Lodge Arrowmen who earned these patches each year. So far I have a list of the 34 members who earned it in 1979, but would like to get lists for the remaining ten years. If you have an old Kryer or copies of Lodge meeting notes that has this information for any year, I would be very grateful if you could share it with me! Thanks!

If you would like to view the Honor Member patches, they are listed as X3 through X14 on the "463 Emblems - Other Shapes" page here.
Site News:
19 April 2002

When I became Editor of the Kecoughtan Kryer there were two sleeves of black and white 35mm negatives in the box of stuff which was given to me by Bailey Tudder to get the newsletter put together. I was never able to find the original owner of the negatives, so they've been in a file folder for over 25 years. Last year my curiosity got the best of me, so I had them printed and below are the results!

Photographs from the 1971 National Order of the Arrow Conference held at the University of Illinois. Sam Fairchild provides the following clues about these photos:

On 71-2, Vince West, vice chief of the lodge, has a mug strapped to his belt on the left. Rest of the guys are not from Kecoughtan. 71-3 is the Brotherhood Band. 71-4 is Carroll Edson, co-founder of the Order. 71-5 and 71-6 are pictures from the press conference with Edson and Goodman (and Ms. Teenage Native America). I am guessing that the guy who took the pictures had press credentials, therefore was the editor of the Kryer, perhaps, at the time.

Photographs from the 1972 Area III-C Conclave hosted by Kecoughtan Lodge at Camp Chickahominy. If you recognise faces here please let me know so that I can include the information on this web site!

Site News:
18 April 2002
Archived 2001 site news on a new separate web page so the main Site News page will load faster.

Please - help me out! I am STILL on the lookout for a good picture of the prototype of the first 463 chenille - the one shaped like an acorn with the lettering "A63" instead of "463."

Site News:
17 April 2002
I recently acquired a 463c2 and was surprised to see that there is no label on the reverse side to indicate that it was made by Standard Pennant Company of Pennsylvania. I originally thought that all of the Kecoughtan chenilles were producted by Standard Pennant Company, until I obtained a C4 (the arrowhead-shaped issue) that had a sticker from the Krelman Company of Pueblo, CO on the back.

You can see pictures of all of the Kecoughtan chenille emblems on the chenilles page at this site.

If someone else has a 463c2 in their collection I am eager to know if yours has a Standard Pennant Company label on the back! Please send me an email and let me know!
Site News:
16 April 2002
Work has finally begun on adding the many images sent to me by Tim Ewing. Tim has helped me fill many long-standing gaps and provided pictures of several items which I didn't even know existed.

So far I have added new 463 activity items to the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's pages, and have much, more to add, so please keep an eye out for new additions as I have time to work through preparing them for the site.
Site News:
23 March 2002
I finally have added Tim Ewing's thoughtful tribute to Walter F. Deal Jr. (known to many Kecoughtan Arrowmen as "Daddy Deal") to the Lodge History page. Walter served the Lodge in many capacities for many years, and touched the lives of many youth with his unselfish dedication to cheerful service.
Site News:
22 March 2002
I would like to add a section to the site which includes scans of the Lodge newsletter, the Kecoughtan Kryer. if you have issues of the Kryer which you can scan and send to me, I would be very grateful! If you don't have access to a scanner, I will be happy to pay for insured shipping both ways if you will let me borrow them to scan them. Send me an email and let me know which issues you have!
Site News:
21 March 2002
I am still in need of a scan of the 463C1 prototype - the first chenille issued by Kecoughtan Lodge. This prototype was shaped like an acorn and had the lettering "A63" intead of "463." If you can supply me with an image of this item I would be very grateful. One was sold at auction last year but the dealer who held this auction has not provided permission to use the image he had of this item on his web site.

On an unrelated note, Tim Ewing recently provided me with an email address for former 463 Chief Andy Hess who was in office while I was Corresponding Secretary of the Lodge and editor of the Kecoughtan Kryer newsletter. I've added Andy's address (with his permission) to the Lodge Chiefs page.

Site News:
20 March 2002
I recently acquired a 463C4 (the fourth and last chenille issued by the Lodge, which is shaped like the original green arrowhead) and have added new scans of it on the Chenilles page.

I was surprised to learn that this chenille was produced by the Krelman Company of Pueblo, Colorado (see the sticker on the image of the reverse of the patch), since I had always thought all of the 463 chenilles were produced by Standard Pennant Company of Pennsylvania.

I have sent an email to Krelman Company asking if they can provide me with the date(s) these patches were shipped and how many were produced. If I receive a reply I will include this information on the chenilles page.

Site News:
3 March 2002
Larry Johnson of Wahunsenakah Lodge once again provided me with some nice scans, including a 1994 Kecoughtan Lodge Summer Ordeal round, and the Lodge 333 2002 Winter Ordeal activity patch. The latter is the first part in a series of 5 which will form a large backpatch in the shape of a fleur de-lis. Arrowmen must attend each Lodge function to get the activity patch. Larry also provided me with the new Lodge 333 5th Anniversary flap, which is pictured on the Wahunsenakah Lodge page.
Site News:
25 February 2002
Former 463 Arrowman Tim Ewing kindly provided me with a thoughtful written tribute to Walter F. Deal, Jr. (known by many as "Daddy Deal") who served the Lodge in many capacities, including Lay Advisor from 1981-1983. I have promised to include it on this site and will add it to the Lodge history area as soon as I have time.

Bruce Shelley has kindly agreed to allow me to use many excellent scans of items from his Area III-C collection. Bruce was a member of Nentico 12 in the '60's and primarily collects Area III-A items. You will find the scans as I add them on the Area III-C page.

Site News:
7 January 2002
Larry Johnson of Wahunsenakah Lodge provided me with a wonderful set of 18 patch scans which were added to the site this evening. They include many images of Camp Chickahominy emblems (including rare award items and some triangle-shaped issues I have never seen before) as well as several Section SE-8 items. If you recognize any of the Chickahominy patches which have no "year" identified with them and can positively identify the year it was issued, please let me know! Larry also included scans of the 1989 Lodge 463 Christmas Banquet patch, and two Peninsula Council district patches I was missing pictures for (Eastern and Western).

Additionally, Bill Loeble has provided me with several nice photographs of rare Section and Area emblems which I hope to scan and have online in the near future.

Site News:
6 January 2002
Happy New Year!

The site has been dormant for some time as contributions have tapered off somewhat. Dave Scocca of Nentico Lodge provided me with these much-appreciated pictures which are now available on the SE-1 page of this web site:

SE-1 1975 Indian Seminar leather
SE-1 round leather with R2 design
SE-1 variety of R4 with lighter yellow and no twill
SE Region Standard Section in light purple

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This site could not exist without the vast amount of work already done by others in compiling information about the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and its emblems.

I am deeply indebted to the late Dr. Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA for his authoritative compilation of Order of the Arrow Lodge issues for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Godby's research was the basis for the Kecoughtan Lodge 463 listings in the first edition of the Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, published in 1996. This site is dedicated to Dr. Godby and the late E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan 463 whose dedication to cheerful service was exceeded by no one.

On the Site Credits page I have tried to list the names of people who have been instrumental in helping me in my effort to provide an online reference of the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and every emblem that it issued. If you helped out and aren't mentioned, please forgive my accidental omission and tell me so that I can correct it.

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