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7/99 through 10/99
The Kecoughtan Lodge Emblems Site News below has been archived on this separate page to keep the current Site News page smaller and faster to load.

Site News on this page spans the duration of July 28, 1999 (first news posting) through October 31, 1999.

Also available are these pages of archived site news:

Site News:
31 October 99
I finally have a working forms page with the following options now available for your convenience:

Please take a moment to try each of these out (especially the site survey!) and let me know what you think from the new feedback page! Still to come - the voting booth I promised yesterday.

Here's an incentive to take the survey - when you have completed it and submitted your answers you can see how other people have responded - all answers are anonymous, of course.

Next project is building a page to list all of the Peninsula Council Camp patches that Sam sent me. Look for scans of patches from long gone camps like Okee, Washington, and James River, as well as good old Camp Chickahominy.

Site News:
29 October 99
Lots of updates to report that I have been working on for the last week or so. First of all, Sam Fairchild provided me with a large number of patches to scan so that I could offer images of many of the rarer emblems, including the 463 S1c, many of the Chanco 483 X and R issues, and several 463 activity patches from the 60's and 70's. Sam also sent along his copy of Silver Acorns, the booklet published by the Kecoughtan Lodge 25th Anniversary Committee in 1976. This booklet contains the most comprehensive history of the Lodge that I am aware of, and you can now view it online here.

I have almost completed the site forms page which will allow you to search the site by keywords, view a page with links to the most recently modified pages, recommend the site to a friend, and provide feedback directly to me without having to open your email application. I am also working on a voting booth where you can cast your vote for your favorite Lodge 463 patch!

Last, but not least, I would really appreciate your taking a moment to complete this Site Survey to help me get a better idea of how to improve this web site to meet your needs and expectations.

Site News:
24 October 99
I split this page (Site News and Credits) into two separate pages since it was getting too big to load in a reasonable time over modem connections. I plan to keep only "current" news on this news page soon, with older news archived on another page to help keep this page a quick read. The Site Credits page provides accolades to the many people who have so generously contributed time, information, and scans to help make this site informative and helpful.
Site News:
21 October 99
I decided to take advantage of John Pannell's generous offer to let me use images from his extensive 463 collection at the Internet Guide to OA Insignia web site by filling out the 463 X(Other) issues page here with many of his scans.

Received more scans via email from Tim Streagle, including the X4 and X8 Honor Member patches, as well as two 463 activity patches ('79 Winter Ordeal and '80 Summer Ordeal)- all are now available on this site.

Site News:
20 October 99
John Pannell kindly allowed me to use images of all four Kecoughtan Lodge chenilles from his most excellent Internet Guide to OA Insignia web site. You can find links to them here on the 463 Chenilles page.

Projects currently underway to improve this site include:

  • Add search engine
  • Add a button to suggest/recommend this site to a friend who might be interested
  • Add a form to submit feedback/information to me directly
  • Add a button to check which pages have been modified most recently
Site News:
17 October 99
Received two scans via email from Tim Streagle, former Kecoughtan Arrowman now serving as Camp Ranger for Camp Brady Saunders of Robert E. Lee Council. He kindly forwarded scans of the first Mattaponi Chapter backpatch and the Kecoughtan Lodge 1988 Christmas Banquet activity patch. Tim has also promised to send along additional scans from his collection which I am looking forward to receiving and making available on this web site.
Site News:
15 October 99
Added a couple of images to the Kecoughtan arrowheads page - A2 and A5. I still need scans of A3 and A4. And scans of ALL the 463 chenilles ... in case one of you top dog collectors has some extra time and a scanner on your hands.
Site News:
14 October 99
Mike White, Shenandoah 258 Arrowman and former Chief of Section SR-6B, sent me a great deal of information about Section SE-8 and Area III-C issues. Mike is co-webmaster of the excellent Virginia Section Officers Association web site with Scott Smith of Tutelo Lodge. Scott is also a former Section SR-6B Chief who responded to my email promising help with missing information on this web site.
Site News:
10 October 99
Rather a sad time working on the site today as I posted the obituaries for Dr. Ron Godby and E. Bailey Tudder, the fine gentlemen to whom this web site is dedicated. The cheerful service provided to Kecoughtan Lodge, Peninsula Council, and the Hampton Roads community by these men was exemplary. I encourage you to visit the site dedication page and read their obituaries which are linked from there. May we learn much from their unselfish examples.
Site News:
9 October 99
The "Area III-C Order of the Arrow W.W.W. Manual of Lodges", published by Koo Koo Ku Hoo Lodge in 1963, is now online here. See yesterday's news for details about this great reference document. A hearty thanks to Sam Fairchild who entrusted me with this artifact to make it available on my web site for all to enjoy.

Still looking for several items - please email if you can help out!

  • Photograph of former Kecoughtan Lodge Advisor E. Bailey Tudder
  • Patch scans for most Chanco Lodge issues (and some Kecoughtan Lodge issues also)
  • Information and a scan of the reported Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 Honor Flap
Site News:
8 October 99
Michael Lauffman, webmaster of (a site I recommend highly to everyone involved with Scouting) kindly replied to my inquiry about the status of the Lord Baden Powell Award for Excellence on the World Wide Web. He assured me that the award is still very much alive, but the backlog of sites to evaluate is "huge." To see a "IV Fleur Site of Excellence" as determined by the Committee for the Lord Baden Powell Award for Excellence on the World Wide Web, visit - it's easily the most valuable reference for Scout advancement information I have seen on the internet.

I finally got a chance to review the Area III-C book which Sam Fairchild so generously loaned to me. This pamphlet is titled "Area III-C Order of the Arrow W.W.W. Manual of Lodges" and was published in 1963 "as a service to the Area by Koo Koo Ku Hoo Lodge 161, Donald Cox, Lodge Chief, Tony Tucker, Editor." Price: 25 cents. What a great reference. It appears each Lodge was asked to submit a page of information and along with pictures of corresponding flaps this booklet was compiled. Rather than excerpt the information I plan to post the contents as GIF images of each page online here so that you can get appreciate the appearance and see how this information was painstakingly typed and photocopied. Look for this to appear within the next few days.

Last but not least - Sam also contributed a photograph of Dr. Ronald Godby, one of the two gentleman for whom this web site is dedicated. I am still in need of a photograph of Bailey Tudder, for the Site Dedication page so if you can help out please email me.

Site News:
1 October 99
I added a couple of Chanco 483 x issue images (x5 and x6) that I harvested from eBay to the Chanco Lodge Emblems page.

Former Kecoughtan Lodge Chief Sam Fairchild has sent an Area III-C history booklet I will review to see if there is relevant information I can add to this site.

I began a Site Dedication page with a nice biography of Bailey Tudder submitted by Sam Fairchild. Still waiting for a picture of Bailey and a bio and pic of Ron Godby. I also found an old black and white picture of a Kecoughtan tap out ceremony from the early 70's I plan to scan and add to the Lodge history page as soon as I find some time.

Back in July I submitted a nomination for this site to be evaluated for the Lord Baden Powell Award for Excellence on the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, it appears this award may no longer be available since the person who was administering web site reviews has not responded to my requests. If anyone has any information on this topic, please let me know.

Site News:
18 September 99
Back from vacation, still waiting for some new info to add to the site. Here's some questions that I am often asked that I would like to know the answers to - can you help out?

1. Who designed the original Kecoughtan Lodge flap (S1a)?

2. There reportedly was pressure from the National BSA Office for the Lodge to remove the Confederate flags from the flap design. The flags were removed beginning with the S13 flap which was issued in 1989. Can anyone provide any background on the decision to change the flap design?

3. The final Kecoughtan Lodge flap (S38) pictures a fallen oak leaf and several acorns with the only the name "Kecoughtan" and "1951-1996" as text. Although this is cataloged in both of the major collecting guides as an "Anniversary" issue, the design appears to be a "Death Flap" to me (last issue of the lodge before merger). When this patch was designed was the future end of the lodge already known or anticipated?

If you have any knowledge on the topics above, please email me - your knowledge can help many others! I will be happy to provide complete confidentiality if you want to share your knowledge anonymously.

Site News:
1 September 99
Another post to Patch-L requesting help with missing information for the Area and Section Pow-Wow and Conclave listings brought a limited response. If you know someone who is an expert in this area, I would greatly appreciate your enlisting their help in completing these tables.

I finally split the Area/Section page into four different pages (Area III-C, Section SE-1, Section SE-8, Section SR-7/7A) to speed loading time, with the Area/Section page now becoming an index to Area and Conclave issues. Of course this required changing the site index on all of the other pages ...

Still looking for more information about the reported Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 "Honor Flap." Jeremy Miles of Nawakwa 3 advised that he believes only about 40 have been issued, and that the patch features two wood ducks and has a silver mylar border.

Site News:
27 August 99
As promised, I have developed a page devoted to emblems issued by Chanco Lodge 483, which merged with Kecoughtan Lodge on January 1 of 1996 to form Wahunsenakah Lodge. I have very few images to link to at this point, so I ask for your kind assistance - please email me your scans of any patches that I don't have images for already.

My checklist for Chanco Lodge includes only flap, round, jacket, and "X" (other shape) patches, along with the mysterious chenille prototype/sample listed in the Blue Book 98 Edition but not mentioned at all in Arapaho 2000. Can anyone provide more details about this item? I also still need a checklist of 483 Activity patches ...

Site News:
26 August 99
Today I added two new Colonial Virginia scans after receiving the patches from Chris Jensen's latest Streamwood auction - the 1995 World Jamboree JSP and the 1997 National Jamboree JSP. I just won another of the 1997 JSP's on eBay - oh well, guess I can add it to my "dupes" list once I have the time to compile one.

A Scouter from Colonial Virginia Council sent me an email back on 14 August advising that my Colonial Virginia Council emblems page was "missing at least 5 issues," but didn't specify what those are. Can anyone help me get my list complete and accurate?

The same Scouter (who doesn't get online much, which is why I suspect he hasn't responded to my reply asking for details) said that my Lodge 333 Emblems page is missing a new "honor flap." Can anyone provide any information on this?

I've decided to add a page dedicated to Chanco Lodge 483 emblems since they are the Lodge that Kecoughtan merged with in January of 1996. Historically Chanco emblems have always been scarce due to the small size of the lodge, so I will probably need a good deal of help acquiring scans of all the patches! Look for the page to debut soon. I need a checklist of Lodge 483 activity issues - anyone?

Site News:
25 August 99
I am in the process of moving all of the image files remaining on AOL to another server. AOL's web servers get overloaded far too frequently and cause frustrating delays for the images to load. The site itself is hosted by the Austin Time Warner Road Runner service. However, since they only allow 5 megs of space for web pages and charge an absurd monthly fee for extra drive space most of the images are hosted remotely.

In other site news, even though I have never submitted this site for consideration by any search engine, it appears in the top 5 results of many of them when you do a search for "Kecoughtan Lodge." At Fast Search it comes out on top! Try it now and see!

Site News:
24 August 99
I've begun updating all of the Order of the Arrow issues on the site according to the recently released Arapaho 2000 reference by Albertus Hoogeveen. All issues also remain referenced by the Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, 2nd Edition (1998). You will note the Blue Book catalog numbers in the "BB98" column while the Arapaho 2000 catalog numbers are listed in the "AR2K" column.

The reason for this is that our hobby primarily uses these two guides for identifying Order of the Arrow insignia, with some collectors preferring the Arapaho guides which have been around much longer than the Blue Book. Other collectors prefer the Blue Book reference guides. To date the only current published price guide for OA insignia is keyed to Arapaho's identification.

The new Arapaho 2000 reference is available as a computer program on CD (unfortunately, it is a Windows only program, but I have been able to run the demo version within VirtualPC from Connectix on my G3 Power Macintosh without any problems). Arapaho 2000 includes an enormous library of scanned images which makes patch identification much easier than trying to correlate text abbreviations for colors of border, lettering, fleur-de-lis, and backgrounds with the piece of cloth you are holding.

In summary, while it would be convenient to have a single point of reference for identifying and valuing Order of the Arrow insignia, we are most fortunate to have two comprehensive and detailed tomes available for our hobby. While their numbering schemes do not always match, the amount of unique information offered by each makes owning them both a necessity for the true OA collector.

Site News:
13 August 99
Herb Smith, Lodge Advisor for Wahunsenekah Lodge, kindly forwarded a scan of the new Colonial Virginia Council shoulder patch which is now online here. I didn't even know there was a new issue!

Herb is also recruiting assistance from local collectors to help fill in the blanks on this site. It's great to know that the word is spreading so that our collective knowledge can become more accessible.

I've started the process of splitting up the Area/Section page into separate pages to speed load time. You can get a preview here.

Site News:
11 August 99
I added some scans of early Area III-C Pow Wows using images I collected from eBay auctions a few months back. If anyone knows who the collector was who sold these patches, please contact me via email. The seller posted very informative descriptions of the items for sale and I'm willing to bet they could help fill in a lot of missing data for my Area III-C chart!

The page on Area and Section conclave patches has grown so large I am already planning on splitting it up to separate pages so people with slower modem connections don't have to wait so long for it to load.

Theresa Williams of Heart of Texas Trader sent a great scan of an SE-8 chenille which is now online. Thanks Theresa!

Current plans are to add counters for each page to see which areas are of the most interest, but I won't tackle this full speed until the URL is finalized. Road Runner tech support tells me the only way to change the name of the directory my files reside in is to download my entire site to a local hard disk, then delete the directory on the server, then create a new one with the new name I want and reupload everything. Not what I would call an ideal user experience...

Site News:
9 August 99
No scans to add today except the 463 R5 which I finally got ahold of after discovering I had two R4 issues. The 463 rounds images are now complete. I was also able to determine the conclave host lodges and camp locations for 1994 and 1995 using John Pannell's excellent site devoted to Conclaves of North Carolina Lodges.

I am holding off on submitting the site to search engines pending a final determination of the URL for the site. I'm thinking of changing the "elspanko" part to something a little more descriptive for what the site actually contains.

Site News:
8 August 99
Arvid Englund of Tutelo 161 sent along two more SE-1 conclave patch scans - 1981 and 1982. Along with the rest of the issues mentioned below all are online and now available for your viewing pleasure.

Even if you don't have any of the patches listed that I need scans for you may still be able to help out by providing information to help fill in the blanks. For example, can you tell me which camp that the conclaves were held at? Can you provide dates of conclaves and Pow-Wows? I don't even know who hosted the Pow Wows or Conclaves for several years in the 50's and 60's and even as recently as 1994 and 1995. I have a patch for 1994, but there is no indication which of the lodges was the host!

Site News:
6 August 99
It was a great day for the site as I received scans of several 463 flaps I am missing images for from Jimmy Arthurs of Eswau Huppeday 560 and a boatload of Section Conclave and Area Pow Wow patches from Arvid Englund of Tutelo 161.

Jimmy sent along scans of the 463 Vigil issues (s11 and s12) and the 1992 NOAC delegate flap (s32), as well as a scan of the 463 s1 flap, which unfortunately has a threadbreak. I can't decide if I want to use a scan of that patch on the site or the scan offered by John Pannell and Rusty Reeves which is already pictured on the Internet Guide to OA Insignia web site. Jimmy also sent along a scan of the 1999 SR-7A Conclave flap from Lodge 333.

Arvid filled up my mailbox with scans of Area III-C Pow Wow patches from 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1969, plus SE-1 conclave patches from 1975 and 1980, SE-8 conclave issues from 1983, 1984, and 1985, and finally SR-7A patches from 1998 and 1999.

I've placed most of the Pow Wow and Conclave images online after optimizing them for the web and hope to have all of the remaining conclave and flap images available before the weekend is over.

A big "Thanks!" to Jimmy and Arvid for pitching in and helping make this site even better with their timely and considerate contributions.

Site News:
5 August 99
A second post to the Patch-L mailing list yesterday brought several emails offering scans of missing patch images, so I am looking forward to receiving them and filling in some blanks. I still have not heard from any current Wahunsenakah Lodge Arrowmen or former Kecoughtan Lodge members which is disappointing, since I suspect they could greatly help out with getting more Lodge history online. The Wahunsenakah Lodge web site is woefully sparse of history, with only two paragraphs online.
Site News
28 July 99
A Sherlock search of the internet for "Kecoughtan Lodge" on my Power Macintosh surprised me with a link to this web site from the AltaVista search engine! This was surprising because I have not yet submitted these pages to any search engine.

The AltaVista link is actually to an early incarnation of these pages which resided on AOL. As you can guess, the 463 Emblems site quickly outgrew AOL drive space limitations and had to be moved. I've built redirects from the former AOL pages to send people to the new location automatically after a brief message to update bookmarks. A cool feature of AltaVista is the ability to view these (or any) web pages translated from English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.

thanks to ...
This site could not exist without the vast amount of work already done by others in compiling information about the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and its emblems.

I am deeply indebted to the late Dr. Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA for his authoritative compilation of Order of the Arrow Lodge issues for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Godby's research was the basis for the Kecoughtan Lodge 463 listings in the first edition of the Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, published in 1996. This site is dedicated to Dr. Godby and the late E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan 463 whose dedication to cheerful service was exceeded by no one.

On the Site Credits page I have tried to list the names of people who have been instrumental in helping me in my effort to provide an online reference of the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and every emblem that it issued. If you helped out and aren't mentioned, please forgive my accidental omission and tell me so that I can correct it.

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