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5/00 through 11/00
The Kecoughtan Lodge Emblems Site News below has been archived on this separate page to keep the current Site News page smaller and faster to load.

Site News on this page spans the duration of May 1, 2000 through October 27, 2000.

Also available are these pages of archived site news:

Site News:
27 October 2000
I finally won an ebay auction for a Peninsula RWS, but it's not in new condition, so you may still get to see appeals for a mint one in this news area.

Bob Terry kindly sent me a great scan of a rare 1989 Old Dominion SA-3 CSP, now online here.

Want to check out a new web site for Scout Patch collectors that I'm working on? Point your browser to: for a sneak preview.

Site News:
26 October 2000
Received ten megs of images from C.J. Garst who is a former Kecoughtan Arrowman and worked on staff at Camp Chickahominy in 1990 and 1991. There's a lot to go through, but I've added quite a few images to the Council Camps page including camp patches from 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1991-Staff, and a "Handy Hank" patch which he tells me was awarded for assisting Hank, the Camp Chickahominy Ranger.

C.J. also provided a scan for the 1986 Lodge 463 Christmas Banquet that I've added to the site, too.

More to come as I get time, including Peninsula Council and Kecoughtan Lodge hat pins.

Site News:
10 October 2000
Added an image for the gold bordered 1993 Colonial Virginia Council JSP which was provided by Dawn Smith, who previously provided a nice scan of the 1981 Old Dominion Area Council JSP.

I recently won an eBay auction for a Peninsula Council Jamboree Shoulder Patch I have never seen before - a 1989 JSP which has a medium blue border and background (like the regular s5 issue) rather than the dark blue border version which I have. I would like to know more about this issue - was it a limited contingent issue or perhaps a leader version? If you can provide any information please send me an email.

I still need a Peninsula Council RWS (red and white strip) - if you have a spare you are willing to trade or accept American money for, please let me know!

Site News:
8 October 2000
Added new front and reverse images of the Kecoughtan Lodge 463c3 chenille I recently purchased.

Also, for the curious, I came across a patch design for a Kecoughtan Lodge 25th anniversary patch that I submitted to the Lodge many moons ago. Needless to say, it was never used, but you can look at my sketch here.

Site News:
5 October 2000
Still nothing new to post in the way of patch images. Added information to the main page about the origin of the Kecoughtan Lodge Chapter names (Kiskiack, Mattaponi, Pamunkey, Piankatank), as well as links to a couple of excellent web sites with information about the history of Indians in Virginia.

My new favorite search engine is anything but Yahoo, where this site does not appear at all when you do a search for "Kecoughtan Lodge."

I felt a little better after querying Google, Lycos, Excite, HotBot, AltaVista, FAST Search,, GoTo, iWon, LookSmart , MSN Search, NBCi (formerly Snap), Northern Light, WebTop, and, and discovering that a page from this site ranked number one in the results for every one of these services. You can try it yourself by clicking on any of the names above which will automatically search for Kecoughtan Lodge.

Of course, my real favorite search engine is Sherlock.

Site News:
3 October 2000
I've had a drought of new patch images lately - despite repeated posts to Patch-L no one has come forward with offers of scans or information. Here's your chance to step forward and be a hero!

Added a bit of information about the origin of the name of Camp Chickahominy to the Council Camps page.

Site News:
21 September 2000
Added a scan of an old Camp Okee patch which recently sold on eBay. Can anyone identify the year this patch was issued? Also added a scan of a neckerchief slide from the 1991 SE-8 Conclave.

The Kecoughtan Lodge Chenilles page is now linked from the Standard Pennant Company web site. You might be interested to know that John Griffiths, one of the owners of SPC, is involved with Groundhog Day events in Punxsutawney, PA. Get the details here.

Site News:
20 September 2000
While cleaning up this past weekend I came across the issue of the National Scouting Collector's Quarterly with the article by Dr. Ron Godby about Lodge 463 emblems which originally inspired this web site. I was amazed to see that this article was published all the way back in 1990 - TEN years ago.
Site News:
1 September 2000
Changed the Tell A Friend form on this site to a new service provided by BraveNet Web Services, since "SuggestSite" (the former provider of this functionality) appears to have disappeared without prior notice. You can use the Tell A Friend form to quickly recommend this site to a friend. Since I rely on visitors to supply me with information and scans to make this site more complete and accurate I encourage you to use Tell A Friend often!
Site News:
30 August 2000
Received a nice email from John Griffiths of the Standard Pennant Company, asking permission to link to my site from his company's site. Standard Pennant Company has been in business since 1919 in Big Run, Pennsylvania, and is perhaps best known in Scout collecting for their handmade chenille patches.

During their 45 year history, Kecoughtan Lodge issued four chenille patches, all produced by the Standard Pennant Company. If you have one for trade or sale, let me know - I need them all!

Site News:
16 August 2000
Thanks to Herb Smith, Lodge Advisor for Wahunsenakah 333, I now have images of the NOAC 2000 flaps issued by that Lodge: the S14 delegate issue with gold mylar lettering and the S15 trader. I was able to get one of the traders, but still need one of the delegate flaps for my collection. If you have one available, let me know!
Site News:
15 August 2000
A Peninsula RWS was recently offered on eBay - and went for over thirty bucks! If you happen to have one you can part with for less, let me know - I still need one for my collection.
Site News:
8 August 2000
Thanks to information provided by Jeremy Miles, I added two new issues to the list of Lodge 333 emblems, the 2000 NOAC Delegate flap (S14) and 2000 NOAC flap (S15). I still need quality scans of these patches, so if you can provide them, I would be ever grateful.
Site News:
4 August 2000
Sent a request to the Patch-L mailing list today seeking scans of the elusive 463 leather flap and the two known 463 "fakes" - the ZC1 (fake acorn-shaped chenille patch with gray instead of tan lettering) and ZS1 (computer designed copy of the S10 Brotherhood flap). No replies so far so if you can provide any of these, please let me know!
Site News:
22 July 2000
Archived January through April, 2000 site news on another page to keep load times for this page short.

I am expecting many 463 pins from George Jennings to arrive any day now and hope to have them scanned quickly to have images here of all of the 463 hat pins which were issued during Kecoughtan Lodge's history. If you are looking for hat pins, George is the guy to check with - he has an awesome inventory.

Site News:
21 July 2000
Received my new copy of the American Historical Society's Third Edition of The Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, published as promised for availability at the pre-NOAC 2000 Trade-O-Ree. I also purchased the Blue Book CDROM - the pair were just 25.00 postpaid from Conley William's excellent "Heart O'Texas Trader" service. They shipped them to me the same day they received them - its no wonder I love doing business with Conley and Theresa.

The new Blue Book is an outstanding reference and I hope to have all Lodge references on my site updated to it (rather than the '98 edition which I currently list) soon. I plan to also keep listings for Al Hoogeveen's Arapaho reference here as well.

A small editorial remark - the Blue Book on CDROM is an excellent resource and I recommend it highly. Rusty Van Reeves has done an amazing amount of work to produce this and has generously shared it with the Scout Collecting hobby. I agreed to allow many images from this site to be included on this CD (and was kindly commended in their contributor "Hall of Fame").

My only disappointment is that this vital reference is Windows only. If you have a Macintosh computer you are out of luck unless you purchase Windows emulation software (like Connectix' Virtual PC) or install one of the OrangeMicro PC cards with a Wintel compatible processor in your Mac.

I have traded a few emails with Rusty about this and he and the other people involved with this project are sympathetic to my sentiments. However, the development environment for this project (a program called Minicat) does not have a Mac-compatible viewer, and when I last inquired directly to them last year, they had no plans to create one. It would simply be too much work to begin the Blue Book on CDROM from square one with different software which is compatible on multiple platforms.

I have suggested importing the data from Blue Book on CDROM into a database like FileMaker Pro which has versions compatible for both Macintosh and Windows and has a licensable runtime engine so that people who buy the CD don't have to own a copy of FileMaker Pro to open it. The Blue Book on CDROM folks kindly advised me they would eagerly share the information they have compiled if I can provide the Mac-compatible framework for it.

So until I can round up some FileMaker Pro whiz kids to build a runtime version of Blue Book on CDROM (cheaply!) we Mac users are left in the cold unless we want to pony up the cash to buy the emulation software to run it. I plan to do some testing and have an article written soon about my experiences as a Macintosh-loving patch collector who wants to use resources like Blue Book on CDROM and Arapaho 2000 on Disk which are Windows only. If you have opinions or experiences and would like to share them, please send them to me at

Site News:
18 July 2000
A couple of miscellaneous additions - a Camp Chickahominy brass belt buckle image (vintage unknown, but it features the profile of a single Indian Brave design that was used for many years). Added to the Colonial Virginia Council page is a scan of a round Council patch, issued as part of their Commitment to Community program.

David Edmonson of Lodge 333 kindly allowed me to borrow his 463 HP4 hat pin to scan for inclusion on this site. The HP4 issue is the round pin which features the design of the Pamunkey Chapter backpatch.

I would like very much to get scan of the 463-L1 (leather flap) and also of the two known 463 "fakes" - the ZC1 (fake acorn-shaped chenille patch with gray instead of tan lettering) and ZS1 (computer designed copy of the S10 Brotherhood flap). If you can help out, please let me know!

Site News:
16 July 2000
Added images of two very rare Camp Promotion Staff Arrowheads (1981 and 1982) to the 463 X-(Other) page. I have not seen these items listed in Blue Book or Arapaho so I am listing them as unclassified items. If you have any information about these patches, please send it along so that I can better understand how they were awarded.
Site News:
11 July 2000
Rob Russell, currently a Chapter Advisor in Tutelo 161, spent his youth as a member of Amangamek Wipit 470 when it belonged to Area III-C. Rob sent along excellent scans of two Kecoughtan hat pins (HP3 and HP5) and went far beyond the call of duty by scanning the entire 1968 Area III-C Manual of Lodges and sending it to me for inclusion on this web site. Check it out now - there are great color images of Lodge flaps and Area III-C conclave patches from that era.
Site News:
9 July 2000
Greg Robinson provided a scan of the rare flap-shaped Area III-C 1954 Conclave patch, which is now available online for your viewing pleasure.

I've had a good response to my recent plea on Patch-L for 463 hat pins and hope to have scans of all of them available here soon. Watch this page for news about hat pin image additions!

Site News:
7 July 2000
I posted a message to the Patch-L mailing list today looking for scans of the four Kecoughtan 463 hat pins that I am missing images for:

Subject: Lodge 463 hat pins
Date: 7/6/00 11:32 PM

Hi Fellow Collectors,

I was pleased to see that the counter for my humble web site devoted to Emblems and History of Kecoughtan Lodge 463 (which expanded to include Chanco 483, Wahunsenakah 333, their parent councils - Peninsula, Old Dominion, and Colonial Virginia, as well as Area III-C, Sections SE-1, SE-8, and SR-7/7A) rolled over the 1000th visitor this past 4th of July weekend.

If you haven't had a chance to stop by, or if it's been awhile, I hope you will take a moment to have another look around:

I would really like to fill in some missing scans and hope that some of you pin collectors might be able to help.

Specifically, I need scans of four pins for my web site to illustrate all ten pins which were issued by Kecoughtan Lodge. If you happen to have one of these in your collection and could take a moment to send me an image I would be very grateful:

HP4 - round, design of Pamunkey Chapter backpatch
HP8 - flap shaped, design of 463s16 (ships with '89 Jamboree lettering)
HP9 - flap shaped, "Mattaponi Chapter," '89 Jamboree
HP10 - acorn shaped with red arrow, plastic coated

Of course, if you are willing to part with any of these, I would love to trade or buy.


Glenn Chase
NSCS #1383, ASTA #919

Site News:
6 July 2000
Contributions of scans and info have been scarce, despite my last plea for assistance via Patch-L . Nothing to add for several weeks. I added scans of two 463 hat pins - HP3 and HP5, but still lack images of four to complete the ten pins which were issued by Kecoughtan Lodge.

On the good news front, the visitor counter on this site exceeded 1,000 over the July 4 weekend!

My sincere thanks to everyone who has helped make this site a success!

Site News:
8 June 2000
Posted a message to the Patch-L mailing list today seeking assistance obtaining scans of the patches listed below which I am missing images for on this site. If you can help out please let me know! If you don't have a scanner I will be more than happy to pay all shipping and insurance costs both ways if you will let me borrow them for a day to scan them. If the item is valuable and you aren't comfortable sending it in the mail then I will pay FedEx fees both ways.

Kecoughtan 463 Patch Scans Needed:

463 Activity Patches

57 Fellowship (w/349)
66 Fall Fellowship
69 Winter Ordeal
70 Fall Fellowship
74 Summer Ordeal
75 Christmas Banquet
76 Spring Ordeal
76 Summer Ordeal
78 Summer Ordeal
79 Spring Ordeal
79 Summer Ordeal
80 Winter Ordeal
80 Spring Ordeal
80 Annual Banquet
81 Winter Ordeal
86 Christmas Banquet
89 Christmas Banquet
91 40th Anniv. Fellowship (Red Border)
91 40th Anniv. Fellowship (Dark Yellow Border)
91 40th Anniv. Fellowship (Light Blue Border)
91 40th Vigil Rededication
94 Summer Ordeal
95 Summer Ordeal

463 Flaps

S1b (black base material, black back)
S30b (border ends top right, DYL lockstitch)

463 X (Other) Issues

X1 (Acorn shape, brown felt, White "W", on neckerchief)
X10 (Brown border Hexagon, LGR "Honor Member," 2 FDL, PB, 1986)

463 Hat Pins

HP3 - Flap shaped, design of S6, FDL
HP4 - Round, design of Pamunkey Chapter backpatch
HP5 - Triangle, design of Mattaponi Chapter backpatch
HP8 - Flap shaped, design of S16, FDL
HP9 - Flap shaped, "Mattaponi Chapter," Jamboree '89, FDL
HP10 - Acorn with RED Arrow, plastic coated

Chanco 483 Patch Scans Needed:

483 Flaps

S2 - 20th Anniversary (1972), White border

483 X (Other) Issues

X4 - Oval, 15th Anniversary (1987)
P2 - Quarter Circle, with FDL, issued on neckerchief
P3 - Quarter Circle, with FDL, computer designed, on neckerchief

483 Jacket Issues

J1 - large keyhole, DYL FDL (1978)
J2b - 175mm round, 2 FDL's, LBR face, computer designed (1995)
YC1 - Diamond, Native American & Deer, SPC Chenille Type 11

Area III-C Patch Scans Needed:

1953 Conclave (Host Lodge 349)
1954 Conclave (Host Lodge 276)
1956 Conclave (Host Lodge 470)
1957 Conclave (Host Lodge 456)
1959 Conclave (Host Lodge 3)
1960 Conclave (Host Lodge 161)

SE-1 Patch Scans Needed:

1975 Indian Seminar (Host Lodge 463)

Old Dominion Area Council Patch Scans Needed:

Any CSP issued with "Trained" or "Training Staff" on it

Site News:
7 June 2000
Added scans of two Chanco Lodge 483 hat pins provided by Arvid Englund, plus a 1980 Camp Chickahominy patch.
Site News:
2 June 2000
Thanks to Mark Willis I was able to obtain a Kecoughtan Lodge HP7 Hat Pin which was issued for the 1988 NOAC, a scan of this item is now online here. I also made some additions to the Peninsula Council emblems page, adding the variation for the first twill CSP (cloth and plastic backs were sold). On the Old Dominion Area Council page I added a scan for the 1989 JSP and split the S2 issues into three variations which each have corresponding scans available.
Site News:
28 May 2000
Added two new scans of rare items. First, the 1967 Kecoughtan Lodge Christmas Banquet event emblem, which was a neckerchief slide instead of a patch. Secondly, the 483R1 which was issued in 1965 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. Both of these items were auctioned on eBay recently - but their prices were out of my league!
Site News:
12 May 2000
Added three new Camp Chickahominy patch scans to the Council Camps page, along with one Camp Siouan from 1984. Thanks to Tim Streagle for sending along several Camp Chickahominy scans, including a rare Wood Badge issue.
Site News:
8 May 2000
Corrected listings for Wahunsenakah Lodge 333 issues to include an X3 issue which was a matching pocket piece for the white-bordered 1998 NOAC Delegate flap. Sincere thanks to Larry Johnson and David Edmonson for clarifying this for me. I hope to have an image of this item available on this site soon. David also advised me that Pamunkey Chapter of Wahunsenakah Lodge has issued a back patch which I was not aware of, so I will be adding Chapter issues to the Lodge 333 page soon, too.
Site News:
3 May 2000
Added image for the 2000 SR-7A Conclave patch to the SR-7A page - thanks to Herb Smith for sending it along. Also added scan for the Wahunsenakah 333 2000 SR-7A Conclave flap to the Lodge 333 page. Removed listings for 1996 and 1998 Lodge 333 delegate pocket parts after receiving revised information from Larry Johnson. Larry and Herb each sent along a scan of the 333 Conclave flap - I received them within minutes of each other.
Site News:
1 May 2000
Added a couple of new Chickahominy scans - a 1986 Camp Chickahominy patch (20th Anniversary of the Camp), and a 1979 Camp Chickahominy patch. These scans are courtesy of Bart Bartels.

I am working on code which will make a new window open up in your browser with the picture of the patch in it when you click on a link to view it. This will allow you to still see the information in the listings page without having to click your browser's back button. Opening a new window is easy enough but I don't want it to be any larger than it has to be (just the size of the patch image).

Prior Site News Prior site news has been archived to allow this Current News page to load faster. You can view earlier site news using the links below:
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This site could not exist without the vast amount of work already done by others in compiling information about the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and its emblems.

I am deeply indebted to the late Dr. Ron Godby of Yorktown, VA for his authoritative compilation of Order of the Arrow Lodge issues for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Godby's research was the basis for the Kecoughtan Lodge 463 listings in the first edition of the Blue Book Standard Order of the Arrow Insignia Catalog, published in 1996. This site is dedicated to Dr. Godby and the late E. Bailey Tudder, longtime Lodge Advisor for Kecoughtan 463 whose dedication to cheerful service was exceeded by no one.

On the Site Credits page I have tried to list the names of people who have been instrumental in helping me in my effort to provide an online reference of the history of Kecoughtan Lodge and every emblem that it issued. If you helped out and aren't mentioned, please forgive my accidental omission and tell me so that I can correct it.

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