Kecoughtan Lodge 463 Patch Collection Needs  
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eX1957 Camp Okee; joint event w/349 1957
eN1966 SSC; 1966 Fall fellowship 1966
eR1976-2 Spring Ordeal, Leather round (unofficial issue) 1976
A1a RBR acorn 1951
A2 cut edge, twill top 1960
A3 rolled edge, twill top, shallow notches 1964
A4 rolled edge, embr top, no notches 1968
A7 wht embr. Top, FDL 1978
A? 82 Camping Promotions Staff 1982
Mattaponi J3 computer designed 1987
YC1 prototype "A63" 1974
ZC1 fake of 463C1  
S1b BLK base material, BLK back, fine bg stitch  
S2a BRN top of acorn (not dark brown) 1960
HP8 S16 design, three ships 1988
HP9 Flap shap, "Mattaponi Chapter" 1989
HP10 Brown acorn, red arrow, plastic coated 1990
R1b 75 Xmas Banquet, twill RIGHT medium rows 1976
R2b 76 Spring Ordeal, LBL lettering and skies (not BLU) 1976
R3a 76 Summer Ordeal, GRN lettering (not DGR) 1976
X (Other)    
X1 First lodge emblem, on n/c 1951
X5 Honor Member 1981
X7 Honor Member 1983
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