Kecoughtan Lodge 463 History
Kecoughtan Lodge 25th Anniversary Celebration
Historical Trail Scripts
The following scripts were developed for an Historical Trail event during at the 25th Anniversary Celebration, September 17-19, 1976 held at Camp Chickahominy. Scans of the original scripts are available as a 980K PDF document for those who would like to see the original typewritten pages.

The text version below (created by scanning the pages and using optical character recognition software) is provided for faster reading of this fascinating history and to help search engines locate this data so that others might find it in their quest to learn more about Kecoughtan Lodge and the Order of the Arrow in Peninsula Council.

Special thanks to George Bains, Chairman of the 25th Anniversary event, for providing the original copies of these documents to make them available on this web site.

507 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
Apt. C-524
Falls Church, Virginia 22044

May 12, 1976

Mr. Sam W. Fairchild
108 Dilts Drive
Newport News, Virginia 23602

Dear Sam:

You will find enclosed an elaborated copy of the 25th Anniversary Historic
Trail script based upon what was ascertained at the meeting of the 25th
Anniversary Committee held on April 3, l976.

Even though this copy is far from the proof necessary for publication of
an article of this nature, it should be sufficient to serve the purpose
of the Historic Trail. However, before publishing the Lodge history,
considerably more effort must be put into this manuscript to make it flow
more evenly and to avoid repetition of descriptive terms.

As time permits, I will take the liberty to improve the quality of the
product. If at any time, you determine that some historical sketch is
missing or inaccurately described, please inform me promptly,

Yours in cheerful service,

E. Lewis Andrews

25th Anniversary Advisor

George Bains
Rone Baldwin
Wade Davidson

Station 1
Describing the year l976 (incomplete).

LODGE CHIEF_______________ UNIT_____

The 25th Anniversary Year opened with Lodge members busily and anxiously
preparing for the 25th Anniversary celebration in September under the
leadership of Rone Baldwin, Lodge Chief, and George Bains, 25th Anniversary

For the first time since the adoption of the Lodge flap patch in 1955,
there was a significant change authorized in it for this year only. A color
transposition was made between the silver and the black. These patches were
available to all members in any quantity but only through advance sub-

Of particular interest, was a special trip by four members of the Lodge
(Rone Baldwin, Sam Fairchild, Peter Holman, and Lewis Andrews) to Penney
Farms, Florida for a personal and highly informal afternoon with the Founder
of the Order of the Arrow, Dr. E. Urner Goodman. Dr. Goodman provided the
contingent with a tape recording of the interview and an emotional challenge
to the Lodge for its 25th Anniversary.

The Indian Dance Team, Ceremonial Committee, Camping Promotions members,
and staff members of the KECOUGHTAN KRYER participated in the 2nd annual
Section SEl Indian Seminar and 'Workshop held at Fort Belvoir, Virginia in
March and hosted by Amangamek-Wipit Lodge #470.

For the eight consecutive year, Kecoughtan Lodge was chartered as a
National Standard Lodge based on its accomplishments during 1975.

Station 2
Describing the year 1975.

LODGE CHIEF_______________ UNIT_____

The year 1975 was highlighted by the first annual Section SEl Indian
Seminar, held at Camp Chickahominy in March. Nearly all of the planning
and execution was done by Lodge members, as Kecoughtan hosted 200 delegates.
Concurrent with the Seminar, the Newsletter Advisory Committee participated
in a training workshop for the Section editors, resulting in one
of the more successful and effective programs ever for publications. Mike
Kinzie, Past Pamunkey Chapter Chief, was appointed to fill the Section
Chief vacancy left by Bruce Sanders of Blue Heron Lodge when Bruce assumed
his new duties as Southeast Region Chief.

That summer, the Lodge sent a full delegation to the National Order
of the Arrow Conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. There delegates
learned of the new induction approach suggested by the National Committee.
Eager to implement this new program, Rone Baldwin, Lodge Chief from Post 48,
appointed an ad-hoc committee to guide its use in the Lodge program. Also,
at the Conference, Lodge members staffed the Bicentennial Show in acting,
costuming, technical, and service capacities.

At the Christmas Banquet in December l975, the 25th Anniversary Award
requirements were released to the members, and much was done in promoting
this once-in-a-lifetime award. It was at this banquet, that two 25th
Anniversary Achievement Awards were given to two members who had, during
the first 25 years of the Lodge, given unselfishly of their time and talents
in the capacity of young man and adult. The young man recipient was Larry
Sutton of Troop 57. The adult recipient was Walter F. Deal, Jr. of Post 48.

Station 3
Describing the years 1973 and 1974.

LODGE CHIEF (1973)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (l974)_______________ UNIT_____

The new sectional structure of the Order of the Arrow received a fine
polishing by Section Chief and long-time Kecoughtan friend, Tom Webb of
Blue Heron Lodge. Past Lodge Chief, Sam Fairchild, initiated and chaired
a Section-level advisory board for newsletter editors, aiding in the pub-
lication of Lodge newsletters and endeavoring to improve the quality of
Section SEl publications,

In the summer of 1973, our Lodge delegates flew with other delegates
from the Section to the National Order of the Arrow Conference in Santa
Barbara, California.

At the 1973 Christmas banquet, the Brothers approved the E. Bailey
Tudder Camping Scholarship Fund, set up to provide underpriviledged Scouts
an opportunity to attend summer camp at Camp Chickahominy. Money for the
fund is generated from the annual patch auctions.

Del Croom, Past Lodge Chief, won election as the Section Secretary in
l974. He became the fifth Lodge member of Kecoughtan to attain Area or
Section status.

At the 1974 Section SEl Conclave, Chris Currier placed first in the
solo Indian Dance Competition. At the same Conclave, our Lodge won approval
to host the first Indian Seminar, a concept initiated by members of our
own dance team, .

In November 1974, E. Bailey Tudder resigned after an illustrious
tenure as Lodge Lay Advisor. Scout Executive, Llewellyn Jordan appointed
Past Council Commissioner, Col. Ralph Hanchin as the new Lodge Lay Advisor.

At the 1974 Christmas banquet, Mr. Tudder was awarded the first 25th
Anniversary Achievement Award for his contributions toward the continued
development of Kecoughtan Lodge.

1973 Father & Son Christmas Banquet (first)

Station 4
Describing the years 1971 and. 1972.

LODGE CHIEF(1971)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(1972)_______________ UNIT_____

At this time, Kecoughtan Lodge was very busy preparing for the Area
III-C Pow-Wow in 1972. Co-ordinator Alan Spaulding, of Troop 48, and
Advisor Walter F. Deal, Jr., of Post 48, headed a committee of the Lodge's
finest. Members watched in earnest as the newly-approved dining hall rose
from a large concrete foundation beside the commissary at camp. The Lodge
donated the fireplace in the dining hall, which now houses several of the
Lodge's treasures. This was also our 20th Anniversary year, but this fact
received little attention as all efforts were aimed at the upcoming Pow-Wow.
In the summer of 1971, the Lodge did send a delegation to the National
Order of the Arrow Conference at the University of Illinois. Also, during
this year, the Lodge publication, KECOUGHTAN KRYER, achieved Area promi-
nence, as editor Sam Fairchild, of Post 345 accepted, the Virginia Press
Association award for Best Newsletter of 1970-1971.

The Pow-Wow, first ever hosted by our Lodge, was in April 1972, as
Kecoughtan Arrowmen hosted over 400 Area delegates at Camp Chickahominy.
The week-end proved to be a drenching experience, but excellent pre-planning
by the Pow-Wow committee avoided any blurs on an otherwise perfect training
and fellowship event. Competition in the Area was very good for the Lodge
as the KRYER was again named Best Newsletter. Vincent West, a Past Lodge
Chief, took first place in the Solo Dance Competition, and the Team Competi-
tion first place award also was captured by our Lodge.

The summer of 1972 witnessed, the best attendance for summer camp at
Chickahominy, partly due to the efforts of Chapter Camping Promotions.

The re-organization of the Lodge Service Committee occurred in 1972.
Wayne Leiss systematically revamped the system of Lodge service into an
efficient, effective, and viable approach to Ordea1 management. The
system has gone through several modifications, but remains basically the
same as envisioned in 1972.

Station 5
Describing the years 196?, 1968, 1969, 1970.

LODGS CHIEF(1967)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(l968)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(1969)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(1970)_______________ UNIT_____

In 1967, Bob Massie, soon-to-be Lodge Vice Chief, led an expedition of
Lodge members to a site northeast of Campsite #2 at Camp Chlckahominy. Work
soon began on this ceremonial ground, and the culmination of that effort can
be appreciated every Ordeal, as Brothers gather in a beautiful natural am-
phitheatre to induct new members. During this year, E. Bailey Tudder assumed
the reigns of Lodge Lay Advisor from Dr. Bragg. Mr. Tudder embarked on a
strengthening campaign that immeasurably changed the extent and intensity of
Lodge Administration.

Also, in 1967, the Lodge was represented at the National Order of the
Arrow Conference at the University of Nebraska.

In 1968, the Lodge organized many programs into smaller Chapters. The
Eastern District was headed by Dan Pritchard, Allogagan Chapter Chief. Pam-
lico Chapter Chief, Bob Lawson, organized his Arrowmen to aid the program of
the Central District. Don Leiss started the wheels rolling in the Western
District with the Kiskiack Chapter, Lowaneau Allanque Chapter served the
Northern Star District under the leadership of _____________________.

The year 1968 proved to be successful for the Lodge in Area competition.
Kecoughtan won the Display Competition, while the KRYER, under the editorship
of Cliff Sleeman, of Troop 49, placed first in the Virginia Press Association
competition as Best Newsletter.

That year also marked the initial presentation to the Lodge of the
National Standard Lodge Award. We have retained the award every year since
its inception and are currently only 1 of 4 Lodges in the Nation that can
boast of that achievement.

In 1969, our new ceremonial ring was inaugurated at the Winter Ordeal.
Chris Smith, a two-time Lodge Chief, challenged a record number of candidates
(135) to a life of cheerful service in the Order.

In the summer of that year, the Lodge sent a record number of delegates
(___) to the Area III-C Pow-Wow at the State Fairgrounds hosted by Nawakwa
Lodge #3. The Lodge dance team placed first under the auspices of Roger Mills,
while the Lodge display picked up a top-seated ribbon for its award-winning

That summer, our Lodge continued its tradition of fielding a delegation
to the National Order of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University.

In l970, the Council re-organized the District geography, so the Lodge
changed its Chapter structure to fit the Council alterations. Lowaneau Allanque
served the Colonial District under the leadership of Larry Lee. Kiskiack
Chapter remained relatively unchanged and prospered under the direction of
Bruce Brown. Eastern and Central Districts became the Hampton District, and
Pamunkey Chapter was born with Andy Hess at the helm. Gloucester and Mathews
retained the District title of Northern Star, and Keith Webb chaired the
Chapter on the Middle Peninsula.

At the Area Kitchen Kabinet meeting in November l970, we accepted a bid
to host the 1972 Area III-C Pow-Wow, a choice that shaped the Lodge structure
for several years to come.

Station 6
Describing the years 1965 and 1966.

LODGE CHIEF(l965)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(l966)_______________ UNIT_____

The Order celebrated, its 50th Anniversary in 1965, as Lodge members
fulfilled, the requirements for the 50th Anniversary Achievement Award.
Over 25% of the Lodge was successful in this endeavor. Also, in l965,
our delegates were among the thousands at the National Order of the Arrow
Conference at Indiana University.

This year also marked the beginning of the construction of Camp
Chickahominy on the Peninsula Scout Reservation. Many uncounted hours
were logged by Lodge members and Council Scouters in erecting camp
buildings, landscaping troop campsites, and constructing the man-made

It was at this time that Walter F. Deal, Jr., of Post 48, was
called upon to fulfill the duties of Lodge Lay Advisor due to the illness
of our long-time Advisor, Walter Strode.

In 1966, Camp Chickahominy was initiated. Several hundred Scouts
camped in the Pioneer week, followed by a full eight weeks of summer camp.
The Lodge was again able to hold functions on camp property following an
eighteen-month absence from a Scout Camp.

Two significant personnel actions occurred in 1966. Harry Maney, of
Post 48, became the Lodge's second Area Vice Chief, and Dr. L.P. Bragg
was selected as the new Lodge Lay Advisor.

Station 7
Describing the years 1963 and 1964.

LODGE CHIEF(l963)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF(l964)_______________ UNIT_____

In 1963 Kecoughtan Lodge again sponsored a contingent to the National
Order of the Arrow Conference at the University of Illinois.

Lewis Andrews, already twice a Lodge Chief, was elected to an unpre-
cedented third term as Lodge Chief.

At the Area III-C Pow-Wow held at Camp Powhatan in the Fall of 1963,
the Lodge walked away with first place in the Display Competition. Also,
at this conclave, Lewis Andrews became the second Kecoughtan Brother to be
elected Area Chief. He presided over the conference in 1964 at Camp

In the Fall of 1963, the Lodge held its first Fall Fellowship Expedi-
tion outside of the Council. The event took place at the Little Creek
Naval Base in Virginia Beach.

The year 1964 marked the closing of Camp Okee after its 21 years of
faithful tenure as the center of Scout camping in the Council. Oliver
H. Perry, III was the last candidate tapped-out at the Camp and Lodge
members watched as the ashes from the last campfire were placed in a jar
to be ceremoniously transferred to the new Camp Chickahominy two years

Station 8
Describing the years 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962.

LODGE CHIEF (1959)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (i960)_______________ UNIT_____
LODG3 CHISF (1961)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1962)_______________ UNIT_____

Frank Ferguson, of Troop 40, and the 1958 Lodge Chief, was inducted
into the Vigil Honor. He was the second Kecoughtan Brother accorded this
honor. His ceremony was conducted at Camp Darden under the direction of
the Blue Heron Lodge, our mother Lodge. The Vigil Honor was again the
highlight of 1960 as four Lodge members received their Vigil at Camp Darden.
This marked the last time the Vigil Honor ceremony for our Lodge would be
conducted by another Lodge. In 1961, Tom Stainback, of Post 48, placed
first at the Area III-C Pow-Wow in solo Indian dance competition. It was
also in this year that our Lodge resumed attendance at the National Order
of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University. Since that resumption in
1961, Kecoughtan has been represented, at every subsequent national conference.

The year 1962 opened with talk of replacing Camp Okee, which the
Council officers believed to be too small for the growing Scout population
of the area. Lodge Scouters participated in the search for a new camp site,
which finally centered on a 778-acre tract above Williamsburg.

In June 1962, at Camp Okee, our Lodge held its first Vigil Honor induction
on its own. Four Brothers were recipients at this time.

At the 1962 Area III-C Pow-Wow at Camp Rock Enon, Kecoughtan swept first
place in the Display Competition. At this same conference, Lewis Andrews of
Post 48, was elected Area Vice Chief, our second Area officer and first
Area Vice Chief.

The name KECOUGHTAN KRYER was adopted for our newsletter through Lodge
competition won by Allan Harvester of Troop 31.

Additionally, this year marked the integration of the Lodge when Jim
Cook of Troop 31 was inducted at Camp Okee.

This year, as was 1958, witnessed remarkable growth and maturation
for the Lodge.

Station 9
Describing the years 1955, 1956, 1957, and 1958.

LODGE CHIEF (1955)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1956)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1957)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1958)_______________ UNIT_____

Howard Minton, the 1955 Lodge Chief, found a new Lay Advisor when he
entered his term. Walter M. Strode of Troop 53, an active Council Scouter
and Jamboree leader, was chosen to replace the retiring G. Warren Taylor
in this position. Mr. Strode went on to serve for 10 years in this
capacity and added tremendously to the Lodge growth and direction during
that time. Also, in l955 the new design for the Kecoughtan Lodge pocket
flap patch was selected. Eddie Canada of Troop 40 submitted the winning
design which has been faithfully retained to the present. In 1956, our
Lodge won the Area III-C Pow-Wow patch design contest as our design was
selected the official patch of that Pow-Wow. The Lodge dance team was
the center of attention during 1958 led by Ralph Stinson of Post 48.
At the Area III-C Pow-Wow that year, Ralph Stinson won the solo dance
competition with a most memorable rendition of the Eagle Dance. Another
highlight of 1958 was the induction of Kecoughtan's first Vigil Honor member,
Charley White, the 1957 Lodge Chief. His Vigil induction took place at
Camp Shenandoah at the direction of the Nawakwa Lodge #3. It was also at
this Area III-C Pow-Wow that Charley White presided as Kecoughtan's first
Area Chief, having been elected the previous year. This was indeed a most
historical year for Kecoughtan.

Station 10
Describing the years 1952, 1953, and 1954.

LODGE CHIEF (1952)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1953)_______________ UNIT_____
LODGE CHIEF (1954)_______________ UNIT_____

In 1952, the Lodge, under the direction of Sam Soule, Chief, tendered
a delegation to its first national event, the 1952 National Order of the
Arrow Conference. Following this, the Lodge was absent from national events
until 1961. When Region III was divided into areas, our own Area III-C was
born. The new area held its first Pow-Wow at Camp Darden hosted by the
Blue Heron Lodge. Kecoughtan was well-represented at this Pow-Wow as it was
at all Area III-C Pow-Wows to follow. These years were camp-centered years.
Much of the Arrow program was focused on Camp Okee and Camp James River.
Camp improvements were prevalent of this era, and the Council's camp facili-
ties benefited greatly from this emphasis.
Station 11

Describing the Lodge organization and first self-held ceremony during the
year 1951.

LODGE CHIEF __________________


Describing the founding of the Lodge, the initiation of the first candidates
at Camp Delmont and Camp Darden during the month of June 1951.

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